I Ordered TakeOut! (One Day Of Get Over It)

I hadn’t ordered takeout since January 1st. Before that, it was a day in December, down at my friend Erin’s. Before that, sometime in August. I’ve had a guilt complex regarding take-out food, result from a No Shopping + Zero Waste combo: The plastic! I can cook! I have medical bills to pay! There’s no point!

It was becoming a complex. A habit in itself that sometimes didn’t serve me well, as it would have been a smarter, kinder choice to pay someone to bring me food.

So that’s what I did tonight. I removed the habit and Got Over It, and ordered Chinese food. $18 worth (including tip) that lasted me 3.5 precious meals and tasted oh-so-damned-amazing.


Zero Waste Week Two: What Goes Out Must Come… DAMMIT!

I once dated this guy. His name is Captain America.

Okay, his name is not Captain America. But he was a captain in the Army and he’s just as cute as Chris Evans, so that’s the nom de plume he’s been awarded. Captain America and I now friends… but that’s a story for another day. Yesterday he picked me up for lunch and a few hours in Fort Tryon Park… but that’s a story for tomorrow or whenever I have time to finish writing it out.  But part of our conversation centered on figuring out how this current Zero Waste Challenge fits into the greater ethos of my life. And I have some pretty major revelations about this particular Challenge and how it fits into this Year of study overall only two weeks in.

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