I Have Everything I Need Right Now.

What do I need right now?

I pondered this question on the subway, coming home from recording an interview.

I hadn’t brought a book. My ears were over saturated by podcasts and needed a break. I’m off social media and so couldn’t scroll. And so I sat with my Moleskin and pen and started sketching to-dos for the rest of my day and week.

What tasks might bring the clarity I’m seeking in this four-day Challenge?

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4 Days of Deep Focus

I am hella overwhelmed.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been frantically bogged down in a mire of, “What next?!” What should I do for work? Where should I be looking? Should I leave New York? Do I just want to be single? Which part of all of this should I prioritize?

Soaking in the tub and watching the Gilmore Girls revival (why can’t I stop watching this stupid show?!), Lorelei’s complete lack of direction had me totally angsty because I, too, feel like everything around me is moving, and I’m standing still.”

So starting tomorrow, I’m slowing everything around me down for a while.

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