How I Transformed In 365 Days of Taking Habit Out and Letting Life In

A Year has passed.

This morning, I woke happy. I brushed my teeth with my homemade toothpaste; it dribbled from my mouth when I noticed sunlight speckling in through the window and smiled too wide in response. Mitra and I took to the streets and I let her lead us on an unfamiliar route. I snuggled dogs I’d never met before and complimented a stranger’s shirt. We lazily wound our way home. It’s my hood’s composting day, so I pulled the bin of scraps from my freezer. To it, I added coffee grounds. I blended and pressed the almonds I’ve had soaking for two days into milk, then added their sticky pulp, too. We headed out again, dropped off the bag, I returned to my desk, and I started editing audio for a new client.

This morning was completely unrecognizable from June 20th one Year ago today.

My Year of Abstinence has ended.

A Year of studying habit removal. Of saying “no”. Of taking out to see what comes in.

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Mini-Challenge #2: One Week of No Television

Way back in January, I started the year with a lame half-assed attempt at reducing my television intake. It worked, for the most part — I curbed my habit greatly. But it wasn’t a total period of abstinence since I’d allowed myself one hour or show a day. And as the month went on, I got more and more lax about it (if I didn’t watch last night, would I get two hours tonight?), placing far more weight on removing negative thought instead.

Overall, I failed. My heart wasn’t in it.

So now I’m reframing a bit, and trying again.

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