Friendship — Like a Vacuum Cleaner — Is Not Easily Disposable

On Day One of this Challenge, while pondering why I wanted to give up product packaging for sixty days, I wrote:

Side note: I think this also comes from an emotionally-rooted issue of worrying that I’m a disposable person — that I don’t matter to others and so they feel they can easily dispose of me. I don’t want to be that. I want to be a person of value. I want to matter so that people think twice about losing me. Ouch. That’s a big thing to admit.

Last night, fifty-five days in, I sat on my bed and opened up a journal I’d started eighteen years ago. Folded inside of it, I discovered a seventeen-year-old letter from Ben, who’s still a dear friend and now my radio co-host. Lost somewhere on the second page, I found the following sentence:

“…You are 300% wrong about being replaceable…. There will never be another you.”
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Super Easy 3-Ingredient Toothpaste

It shouldn’t have taken a Zero Waste Challenge to make mixing toothpaste from oil, baking soda, and essential oils happen. But it did.

I don’t like sweet toothpaste. I’ve been Tom’s of Maine gal for a long, long while — and, like, the Propolis and Myrrh flavor when I can find it, so the hippy-dippiest of the lot. Anything loaded with sweet stuff,  fake stuff, bright blue dye, and sparkles? Gag.

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Zero Waste Revelation: It’s Not Just About Plastic

I’m finally feeling a bit better, and the world feels a magical place again!

I put my body through a marathon so that I could sit in this moment: Monday, the radio show, home to pack, butcher shop, grocers for bulk this-and-that, crossing state lines, picking up Mitra from my brother, and finally landing at home. Tuesday: two stories turned in, a phone interview for print, another for radio, all as snow fell thick and white.

I’m thankful. That’s a lot for two days, considering this body has done so little for weeks now. I’m with the trees. Continue reading

Garbage Cold

Cold is back. Came Sunday as a dry throat — again. I can’t drive, and so Tuesday my dad picked me up and brought me to a clinic, then my brother to the pharmacy and all the way back home. Just a cold, but since this has lingered since January they gave me antibiotics in case. Three times in that last five weeks.

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Happy Despite!

I can’t stop smiling on the inside today. Which seems silly, considering that nothing has changed .I’m still sick, single, and broke.

I still had a breakdown last week, accepting how sick I am now. I canceled going to yoga three days in a row because of how much pain I had to manage, and how exhausting managing it was. I’m scarily behind on deadlines.

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The Minimalist Pantry

A few days ago, a friend texted me a picture of the café he was in, saying it made him think of me; the cafe uses all recyclable or composite compostable goods. What a pleasant reason to be thought of. While this Challenge has been super rough in some respects, I am really enjoying how it’s causing me to simplify.

Later that same night, while warming my simple dinner and listening to the Minimalists podcast episode on Health, I cleared out the pantry of things I don’t need. And I realize I eat in what you could call a minimalist way. Continue reading

This is a SELF-Self Help Plan

This is my year of abstinence. The rules are bendable. I can adapt them as I go.

I’m reminding myself of this fact because I need to do that right now.

My body hurts. In a moment of awareness, yesterday I broke down and accepted that I’m ill in a way that’s far from my baseline of “chronic illness.” It’s applicable to my current study of Zero Waste in that it’s just too hard to get enough food into my home right now by the rules I set for myself two weeks ago. So, I’m adjusting them. Continue reading

Zero Waste Week Two: What Goes Out Must Come… DAMMIT!

I once dated this guy. His name is Captain America.

Okay, his name is not Captain America. But he was a captain in the Army and he’s just as cute as Chris Evans, so that’s the nom de plume he’s been awarded. Captain America and I now friends… but that’s a story for another day. Yesterday he picked me up for lunch and a few hours in Fort Tryon Park… but that’s a story for tomorrow or whenever I have time to finish writing it out.  But part of our conversation centered on figuring out how this current Zero Waste Challenge fits into the greater ethos of my life. And I have some pretty major revelations about this particular Challenge and how it fits into this Year of study overall only two weeks in.

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Practicing Zero Waste… In a Body With Zero

On an alternative plane of time and space, I see myself handwashing delicate handkerchiefs inherited from my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. The sun shines through them where they hang, and I smile. I blend almonds and water into milk; my face erect, my movements quick and determined. I spend an afternoon easefully popping into one store and another, stocking up on meat, and produce, and coffee, exploring cheerily with energy and gusto.

I see her — that other me — through the thin veil that barely separates us and the worlds in which we move Continue reading

Zero Waste – Week One

So far, so good!

I’ve decided already that thirty days is too short a Challenge to truly study removing excess waste from my life and space, so I’m extending this to a sixty-day Challenge! Because here’s the thing about this first week: throwing out plasticky-things without using them is wasteful and against the purpose of this Challenge. This is not about going to Zero in a day–it’s about assessing for lasting change. So I’m not going to not finish the frozen meat in my freezer, the pasta in my cabinet, and the products in my pantry and closet for no good reason. Instead, I’ll spend some time observing my packaging habits as I finish things, and then replace them with Zero Waste options as I go… or nothing at all. Continue reading

Challenge Number Six: Thirty Days of Zero Waste

Today’s the day! I’m very excited about this Challenge.

I’m constantly shedding items that I don’t need, and not replacing them with new things. This started a year ago when the Goldilocks Movement‘s “Happy Starts at Home” cleanse worked wonders for reconfiguring my emotional ties to with material objects. The No Shopping experience then had more stuff making its way out of my space. And now I’m here, reworking my relationship with stuff on an even deeper level. Yay.
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