Hi, I’m Jacqueline.

I write about people and I host a radio show about relationships.

I live with chronic illness, which requires that I question everything I eat, the energy needed to complete a task, and the kind of people I can welcome into my space. As a naturally introspective person, I like to ponder my habits, my contributions to the world, and the kind of life I want to live, too.

On June 21st, I started a fast of all social media and dating sites. The ongoing affects on my health and happiness were so profound that I wanted to question more learned habits that maybe aren’t serving me so well. So on August 1st, I set out on a ninety-day quest to cut out any purchasing of non-essential items. When that was over, I took all sugar and alcohol out of my diet. During the holidays, I pondered Christmas commercialism while not exchanging gifts. I’m TeleWonderWoman’d my way into 2017 (this one takes some explanation), and am now exploring two months studying Zero Waste.

I started putting my journal entries up here without agenda, other than to keep track of my thoughts: How do the actions that flood my days – often without me even noticing them otherwise – affect how I feel about my life? How do they affect 1) my health 2) my social interactions and 3) my overall sense of self? How do these things, in turn, affect my productivity? My financial stability? How I see the world and myself as a part of it?

Forty days off of social media taught me a lot. Let’s see what other forms of abstinence can teach me.

Cheers, Jacqueline