We Got a Book Deal, You Guys!

Hello, world!

So this is probably not the way you’re supposed to announce a book deal, but I got a book deal!

My Year of Abstinence — as in, this online journal you’ve stumbled upon — is currently being written up into book form and will be published by the lovely team over at Ixia Press in December of 2018! So please stay tuned for The Me, Without: My Year on an Elimination Diet of Modern Conveniences, coming to bookstores and online retailers near you!

There’s no way, in my wildest dreams, I could have known where my life was headed when I went off of social media on June 20th, 2016 and launched into a Year studying habit abstinence. Short story: Things got really, really dark for a while. But then, shifting my habits started shifting my reality. Slowly, they unveiled how little I truly need to feel satisfied with my life circumstances. Eventually, every day revealed meaning and wonder. I started to intentionally fill my time and space with things almost silly in simple delight: books, nature, music, people, warm and soft things… I know what I love, and those happy things counteract the harsh realities that didn’t magically go away: I started the Year single, sick with my chronic illness, and broke. I ended the Year single, even sicker, and broke… but feeling like I stood on the precipice of some cosmic life shift…

Things have changed wildly since then. I’ll save the recap for the book’s epilogue. But let’s just say I go to sleep every night so thankful I stumbled into this Year, and not sure quite how it all happened.

I guess writing a book to figure out how it did is one way to figure that out.

So I’m now sequestered in a borrowed house the Pennsylvania mountains, just me and Mitra-dog, frantically writing to meet the manuscript deadline. The Me, Without highlights major growing points of the journey, combined with research and interviews from experts who have studied the Challenges I explored; a little like the No Sugar Challenge article I wrote for Saveur magazine.  I hope it will be entertaining, and helpful, and weird, and fun. I’m scared as shit as I write it. And I’m not. I’m having a blast in my solo sojourn, sometimes dancing like Baby Groot and, other times, writing sick on the couch. Grateful, all the while.

Thank you for following this journey. Please feel free to say hello and, if you’d like to join a mailing list that may eventually include surveys for the book, events, and future fun stuff, hit me up at jacqueline@wordsfoodart.com. Eventually, I’ll have a new website and official stuff. For now, it’s just me…

Jacqueline xoxo


6 thoughts on “We Got a Book Deal, You Guys!

      1. Hi! Thanks for connecting! It’s hard to say, as this site was an online journal more than a standard blog that succinctly summarizes lessons learned over long periods of time… hence why a much more articulate, thoughtful, and hopefully engaging read is coming in book form! I guess just bookend with June 20th, 2016 and June 21st, 2017! And there area embedded links along the way so that one post leads to backstory from another! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experience!

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