No Eating After Eight

Seemed simple enough given the Challenges of this Year. But somehow 7:35pm hit and I was making cold cream with nothing in the works by way of food. Beeswax pellets and coconut oil were blending with rose water as minutes ticked by… if I started eating by 8 I’d consider myself safe. 

By 7:58, I had a weird tuna fish and potato chip combo worked out. I’m not proud of it. I’m a very bad food writer. I threw a couple of cashews in a bowl for extra protein and fat comfort and sat my ass down. Phew. 

Surprisingly, I didn’t need anything the rest of the night. I’ve fallen back into just a little something of a snack habit at night, with that something being inherited fruit and sweets from my well-meaning mother noshed on while netflixing in bed. So I figured this Challenge would help me view my nightly needs in a clearer lens. And it has, again. Phew. 


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