One Day of Accidental Habit Change

After three-hundred-some-odd days of studying this whole habit removal abstinence thing, shifting it all up is becoming, well… habit!

I don’t feel well. Ugh. And as I hobbled down the sidewalk with the pup in a break from our endless tea and reading (Little Women, happy nerdy lady sigh) and pondered what habit will I shift today? I realized I’d already shifted quiet a few, just for the fun of it. I was using my right hand to guide her withe leash (I’m left handed). I wanted to bring new life to an old pair of comfy fitted pants and, now that I’m down some weight (No Sugar + Zero Waste plus new habits!), I pulled and jostled them into a lower kind of wear (just trust me on this). I had layered some tops together in a not me style, for the thrill of feeling funky on our two-block walk.

I shifted it up, today. Naturally. Score.


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