One Day of Giving Before Taking

I’m breaking my rules. I told myself this Year’s Challenges couldn’t include adding or buying — abstaining only! But today I decided to do something new. I worked downtown at the library for a few hours and needed a jolt of caffeine before an appointment. But if I indulged in the kick, I’d have to find a way to boost someone else, too — in the moment, organically, without being asked, just by keeping an eye/ear ready. 

Less than two minutes after I had my cold brew in hand, I swiped a guy into the subway behind me. It’s illegal to ask for a swipe, but you can tell the look, the humble… waiting. He was dressed in the all-black of a busboy. With a nod, he followed me. He said his thanks, I wished him well, and we separated to our trains. 

Take one, and pass it on. 


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