One Day of Shaking Out Anxiety

“You have to take breaks. Music is a great way to take breaks.” – Cynthia Cherish Malaran, aka DJ Cherish the Luv

It threatened to overwhelm. The source can’t be fixed in a moment or a day. I don’t have a concrete solution to make it go away. And so it loomed, closing my throat and steadily increasing my heart rate.

Cue: Anxiety. Habit: Shut Down.

Today’s Action: Dance It Out

Or more accurately, Shake It Off, as that’s what I danced to for about four minutes.

Or, more accurately, wiggled and swung to, as I wouldn’t call my moves “dancing” per se, and I don’t think Mitra would have, either.

But whatever it was, it worked. I got off my ass, on the floor, and out of my head. And once the blood was moving a bit, and the colors of the world shifted a touch, the looming and closing laid off. I could sit back down. And it was all okay.


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