Super Easy 3-Ingredient Toothpaste

It shouldn’t have taken a Zero Waste Challenge to make mixing toothpaste from oil, baking soda, and essential oils happen. But it did.

I don’t like sweet toothpaste. I’ve been Tom’s of Maine gal for a long, long while — and, like, the Propolis and Myrrh flavor when I can find it, so the hippy-dippiest of the lot. Anything loaded with sweet stuff,  fake stuff, bright blue dye, and sparkles? Gag.

It took six weeks to finish off the two tubes in my cabinet (part of this plan being to get rid of stuff and not bring new packaging in). As soon as they were scraped dry, I mixed together virgin, unrefined coconut oil, baking soda and three packets of essential oil samples in a small glass jar. Voila! Toothpaste!

Yes — the samples technically are not Zero Waste friendly. But I’d  had them already. Sample sizes of anything have been the easiest thing to not bring into my space — so much waste in sample sizes! — but as Young Living Oils are expensive and one of the toothpaste tubes I’ve just finished was from them and included Thieves oil, I figured I might as well replicate my homemade stuff with the best quality oils I have while using up the remnants of my sample stash. So in went the oils, and their little packets are being weighed with my grand total for the week.

The result? I’m totally smitten.

I used a very small amount of essential oil for this lot — I’d estimate maybe 20 drops total of Thieves and peppermint — meaning that the flavor comes more in aroma and once I rinse and swish than while brushing. As the main ingredient in it is coconut oil, it does get rather messy in the mouth as the heat of my body melts it, running and creating a fun little “how long can I hold this in” game before I spit. The baking soda adds a texture and salinity I love. Afterward, my teeth feel glossy and smooth; far fresher than when I brush with the tubes.

Once again, this Zero Waste challenge has simplified product purchasing.

Photo Mar 26, 3 55 51 PM

Easy Homemade Toothpaste:

(I scaled this times 6 for a small jar, so 6 Tbsp oil and 3 tsp baking soda)

  • 1 Tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • a few drops of peppermint, ginger, Thieves, or whatever food-quality essential oil you have, to preference

Mix together in a small jar until thoroughly incorporated. Have fun.

Oh! And my dental hygienist mother approved this combo before I made it, telling me to make sure there’s either fluoride in my drinking water or to regularly rinse with a mouthwash containing it if there’s not. Being that I live in NYC and it’s pumped into our filtering system, I’m set. But if you have a well, consider yourself warned. If you have public H2, Google and report back!


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