Garbage Cold

Cold is back. Came Sunday as a dry throat — again. I can’t drive, and so Tuesday my dad picked me up and brought me to a clinic, then my brother to the pharmacy and all the way back home. Just a cold, but since this has lingered since January they gave me antibiotics in case. Three times in that last five weeks.

I’m still losing weight, and not in the good way this time. Fever averaging 100.7. Chest and throats so hot. So sick. Head pounding. Thursday, mom comes back into town to bring me sorbet and take Mitra – the night before, I’d fallen over into the bus stop, too unsteady on my feet to be walking her. In her mom-love, she brought me flowers, and more sorbet options than requested, and things to squirt up my nose. Yes — a lot of plastic. Of course I didn’t push her or the tulips away.

Of course, I didn’t push her or the tulips away. My family keeps me alive. I’m so lucky for them. But that made for 5.1 ounces of sick person stuff this week, in the form of sorbet containers, the plastic around cold medicine jars and nasal spray, lozenge wrappers, and the double wrap of plastic from the flowers.

But only .2 oz of nonsick person stuff this week.

And despite the rush coming from my face, I washed those handkerchiefs. Somehow. One day, it took three cycles of swishing them in the sink with detergent, pouring water from the kettle on them, wringing them dry, and laying them on the radiator. But it worked — I didn’t touch a tissue.

Ends up there are always ways to reduce your waste. Even when wasting away. And dogless. Sigh.


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