Super Easy 3-Ingredient Toothpaste

It shouldn’t have taken a Zero Waste Challenge to make mixing toothpaste from oil, baking soda, and essential oils happen. But it did.

I don’t like sweet toothpaste. I’ve been Tom’s of Maine gal for a long, long while — and, like, the Propolis and Myrrh flavor when I can find it, so the hippy-dippiest of the lot. Anything loaded with sweet stuff,  fake stuff, bright blue dye, and sparkles? Gag.

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Zero Waste Revelation: It’s Not Just About Plastic

I’m finally feeling a bit better, and the world feels a magical place again!

I put my body through a marathon so that I could sit in this moment: Monday, the radio show, home to pack, butcher shop, grocers for bulk this-and-that, crossing state lines, picking up Mitra from my brother, and finally landing at home. Tuesday: two stories turned in, a phone interview for print, another for radio, all as snow fell thick and white.

I’m thankful. That’s a lot for two days, considering this body has done so little for weeks now. I’m with the trees. Continue reading

Garbage Cold

Cold is back. Came Sunday as a dry throat — again. I can’t drive, and so Tuesday my dad picked me up and brought me to a clinic, then my brother to the pharmacy and all the way back home. Just a cold, but since this has lingered since January they gave me antibiotics in case. Three times in that last five weeks.

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