Everything Bagel Days #1-2

It’s 8:30 pm on a Friday evening, and I’m just about done working, because sometimes that happens. But my week was satisfying and my laundry is clean and the light outside my window is that cool misty grayish brown color that makes me love love love working at home in New York City on a solitary Friday evening. Across the street, some apartment windows are dark, some glow orange, and some eerily blue. The branches of the tree and the iron railings of the porch flanking the house directly next to me tonight seem more vividly defined against the light from my window than usual, their shadows deep and ominous.

It’s a Raymond Chandler kind of New York City evening.


Today was one of those My Year days of constant remembrance, being that until yesterday I’ve never done one of these Everything Bagel Days before.

I Wonder Woman’d before the sunrise because I wanted to.

Midday, I craved something sweet but didn’t eat it, because I still pretty much don’t eat sugar anyway, and have only had alcohol maybe five times since that Challenge ended.

The Social Media abstaining was the biggest gain returned. Lately, I’ve been deep in both intentional and accidental holes of the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagramtrifecta. Wallowing in the apocalyptic drudge of what did he do now or what do we have to do now energy so many of us are gobbed down by day and evening makes that easy. The freedom from it was exhilarating — why can’t I just do that more without this rule against it? I do pull back when I want to. But with this wealth of time alone and this access to the digital world constantly at my fingertips, it’s too easy to dip in and then lose time. Getting that time back today felt so good. And, fortunately, there are websites and emails that make sure I didn’t miss the what do we have to do now part, just in case.

Remember this feeling, Jacqueline.

I got caught in a No Shopping bit conundrum, though. Midafternoon, staring into my fridge, I had a particular hankering to have a heap of prepared, piping hot food delivered to my door so that I could gorge and store the remains and not have to think about cooking for a while. Part of the upcoming challenge removes delivery food from my life for the next month and so, mouth watering, I pondered which of two places I’d feast upon in my last weekend of freedom. Until I remembered… no superfluous purchasing in these Everything Bagel days. I turned on the stove.

I turned on the stove.

Later, though, when hauling laundry down two flights of stairs, the window-like view of my hamper bag had me laughing at how far I’ve come from not buying a new bag back in August. The necessity definitely has shifted as my bag is practically in threads, and I come back upstairs and click over to Amazon. In two days, I’ll have one less reason to be cranky every week.

 Conclusion from Days 1 & 2:

At the start of this, I had no idea that I’d want any of these Challenges to continue beyond their end dates. So far, I’ve returned to social media more than anything else. But it’s also the one that’s most satisfying to give up. Hmmmmmmm…..

PS: I know that’s not a photo of an everything bagel! But the Interweb doesn’t provide as pretty pictures of everything bagels as it does walnuts with meats that look like hearts on the inside, and so Everything Bagel Days will henceforth be topped by photos of things that are not bagels!


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