Everything Bagel Days = Every Challenge All At Once!

Today is January 28th, and life is insane.

There’s the Meatball, which is what I’m currently calling a certain POTUS–I won’t explain further. There’s everything I’ve detailed here and here and here. And then there are oddly beautiful moments where all of that scary noise just…. stops….

….and I’m drinking coffee and petting my dog and looking at trees. Or I’m doing my #CityMouseCountryHouse thing and filling up the Lil Blue Subaru and see the tiniest bird hopping by the tire with a twig in its beak and am enthralled by the pattern of its feathers. Or I’m watching my grandmother as she sleeps and the thinness of her skin just astounds me. Or I’m on the subway and my breath catches at the idea of just how complicated the lives are of every single one of the sixty people around me and my heart bursts with love for all of them.


I need more of those moments. Fortunately…

In a few days — February 1st, specifically — the TeleWonderWoman Challenge comes to a close. I’ve really liked this one, so that’s not the fortunate part.

But one of the unexpected joys of this Year is that I didn’t expect to keep at these things after the time periods end as much as I have. While I’m not 100% off of social media, shopping, sugar, negative thinking, or television, my relationships with those habits changed significantly. So TeleWonderWoman won’t be too far away.

Well, definitely not by the 2nd, now that I think of it. Because on the 2nd I start my first “Everything Bagel Days*.

Since I like starting new Challenges on Mondays, I’m left with a few days of nothing to study in between. In the past, I’ve used the time as a breather. But I’ve decided I’m no longer cool with that. So for the rest of the year, on these days I will do every Challenge from the past at once!

So from February 2nd through 6th, I will not:

I have a super tough challenge coming on the 7th, so the time away from these things will more likely help. And considering how much anger and exhaustion I’m tempering these days, I have a feeling the combo of the above will be a welcomed respite.

*Because even though I can’t eat them (damned gluten allergies!), I’m a New Yorker, dammit! And when I could eat them, Everything Bagels were my jam. With whitefish salad and lettuce, thank you.

PS: I know that’s a poppyseed bagel photo. My fancy free photo sites didn’t have an Everything one and it’s late and I’m tired.


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