These are the facts: 

  • I am so so so tired. Like, I worked way too long and hard today on top of having gone to the far reaches of Queens to see my tios for lunch. So spoons are gone. 
  • It’s 8:30pm
  • I’m finally eating dinner on bed.
  • I didn’t watch any television for the last two evenings, as I was reading a very lovely book and that took precedence.
  • There are only about forty pages left in said book. 
  • I have three twenty-minute shows sitting unwatched in my Hulu queue I normally like to watch together. 

So, options: 

Earlier today I pondered if skipping days meant I got to bank those hours: two days off for two extra episodes tonight Given my state of exhaustion then, before I’d even trekked home from Queens, done another phone interview, and spent three hours working on radio stuff, I couldn’t tell but was leaning towards yes. Now, I’m exponentially more wiped and still unsure. Especially given that I don’t have much book left and it’s only 8:30, I wanna say yes. Buuuuut… I dunno. 

Sooooooo, I’m gonna practice patience. And not make a decision because it’s easy and in front of me. Which I guess is the whole point of this. I reserve the right to use those episodes down the line, but I’m gonna see if there’s a time I really want them – as I did with the booze and brownie and all that (for those following this – the brownies did make their way out of my freezer eventually… and home with someone else.)

Okay. Choice made. One episode. And book. And to sleep like an old lady. 


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