Money’s Always Sunny In a Rich Man’s World

This morning, I texted my brother how I got an email from Mint (a financial program I use) that my credit score dropped. Then I got refused for a credit card I applied for online, intending to transfer one of my higher-APRs and then pay it off before the term ended. Neither of these things have ever happened to me before in my life. So I’m feeling good today!

Now walkin’ Mitra as I plan the rest of my morning and invoking a lot of Carrie Fisher (one of my Wonder Women) cause in my head she says FUCK IT! a lot. And I’ve decided that I can be a gentle, soft, compassionate soul who also says fuck it. Because sometimes shit sucks. And being a bit tough about that can maybe be the most compassionate response in certain circumstances. I will get over this hurdle. I have been taking action. I will keep taking action. There is no need to pile negative thought on top of all that. So for now, fuck it.


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