TeleWonderWoman Day 1

My morning, my city, my day. My project, my work, my words. 

My morning, my city, my day. My project, my words, my world.

I breathed that, in and out, this morning, as I Wonder Woman’d and gazed down my front window onto Riverside drive. I already love this challenge.

Last night, knowing I would be able to watch television but also that I wanted to change my habit, I watched less of it; sick in bed at 5pm, I watched a short Christmas movie, then a short documentary about Minimalism (I’m still curious after my experience with the No Shopping period), and then read, and was fast asleep by ten. This morning, in the shower by seven and in my pose while coffee perked by seven-thirty, gazing powerfully below. When my heart started racing — almost scarily — I invoked the mantra I came up with last night while walking Mitra: a list of five lady names I can invoke when needing to flip those negative thoughts. And now I’m here: typing away, dreadfully needing coffee, but ready for today.

Good morning. Good morning!


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