On Being Versus Doing…

It’s 5:39. I have twenty-one minutes to dry my hair, put on makeup, get out of sweatpants, layer on several swaths of socks/pants/boots/sweaters etc., throw papers and books in a bag, and make a subway to Brooklyn to enjoy some holiday cheer with a friend (yay for cheap tickets to artsy ballets!), but here’s a thought:

I’m writing a piece on the whole “no sugar thing” for a client and reading up on the challenges I’m studying because I legitimately find this whole abstinence thing fascinating: taking out habits and observing how they affect my body / socialization / sense of self is rocking my world. But, in discovering how others approach shaking up their lives, I’m noticing a lot of doing. There’s so much action. There’s a lot of resulting business. It’s very motivational and self-help-y. And so it’s making me feel like a slacker.

But then it hit me…

This Year… is about keeping true to the taking out of things. To not falling prey to my norm, which is that if I just do more… if I just try harder. 

Because that hasn’t worked for me in the past. Doing three kinds of cleanses that required books and expensive blood tests and preparation and enemas (sorry, TMI) didn’t get to the source of why there’s been so much inflammation in my body. Cutting out sugar and not expecting miracles? Yeah, that produced a quick and dramatic effect. All the planning of how to shape up my finances didn’t make as much of a difference as simply telling myself “you can’t spend any money you absolutely don’t need to spend” did. Just saying “no” to social media did more to get me to open my eyes IRL than any “just live in the moment” repeating of a mantra ever has.

Taking out has resulted in so much more than adding in ever has. And there’s a whole lot less to organize. So there.

It’s 5:45. Gotta run.


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