I Talked on Bloomberg’s Material World Podcast about the Sugar Challenge!

Sometimes, in this weird awesome little world of New York City, cool things happen.

Like, you get to go on someone else’s podcast to talk about something that’s not your love life, and then they ask you questions and mix it all up and then you get to sit back and listen to yourself talk amongst people who are far smarter and further ahead in actual fields of study than you. And you think… I am lucky to get to do what I do.

A few weeks ago, I headed to Lexington and 59th Street — the intersection I’d traversed hundreds of times when I lived a few blocks away in my very first New York City apartment over thirteen years ago now — to see Liz Smith at Bloomberg, formerly my engineer at Love Bites. I was tickled purple that she asked me to come onto Material World, a fascinating show that explores the backstories of things we buy, like how the market makes things pink to sell them to women, the commercialization of marijuana, the costs of weddings and babies and vegan food… It’s fascinatingly done, I’m super impressed by Liz’s work, I dig both the voices of and insights of the hosts, Lindsey Rupp and Jenny Kaplan, and I’d been a personal listener and fan of the show already. So fun fun.

Liz asked me to come on for America’s Sugar Addiction: Why So Sweet? Given that their other guests are Marion Nestle (Food Studies Professor and a big deal in the food writing world), Michael Moss (another big writer deal in food advocacy) and Bloomberg’s Craig Giammona, I’m there to provide the human struggle.

And struggle there was. Given that we recorded a week after the election / romantic rejection / illness / grandma falling / eye infection section of my I NEED BROWNIES AND DRINK period, this was a good time to talk.

So listen, and enjoy. And then subscribe to their podcast and listen to a bunch of them, because they’re fun and fascinating. 

Click on the image to go to their page
Click on the image to go to their page

Ooh, and Lindsey is coming onto Love Bites on Monday the 12th of December, and both Lindsey and Jenny will be on on the spring! So stay tuned!


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