Amendment to the holiday gifting rules… and things already gone wrong. 

First off, while I’m not sad or somber or anything in this present moment, I have a feeling this ol’ Dolly Parton classic Christmas song I adore will be my 2016 holiday anthem for My Year… for when the entirety of Harry Connick Jr.’s amazingness is too badass and peppy. 


Remembered that I have a few clients who give end of year thank you gifts, and I may be on the receiving end of some without being able to demure. Nothing dramatic by any means–think food and drink for the most part, so they may fall under the rules I set forth prior anyway. But I’ll document as they come in as slipups occur. 

Annnnnnnd speaking of slipups. Already having a few “but, wait!” scenarios with family members. Or, more accurately, the significant others of family members who were not properly informed. So still sussing out how to make this work. And will document. 

How to give love to others and still not buy into the commercial aspect of the holiday season? What part of this study will be hurtful or harmful or unfair to loved ones. Just realizing this is the first that directly impacts the choices I ask others to make… is that fair of me?


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