Not Buying Christmas Presents… And I’m Gonna Be Alright…

I making a pie for Thanksgiving and, in taking a break and watching television, saw two magical commercials in a row. In the first, a friend I worked with at the Cincinnati Playhouse plays an adorable Christmas elf. I come to learn it’s recurring series so yay for her! The second is the classic Hershey Kiss Christmas commercial– it’s the first time I’ve seen it this year, and my heart melts.

And it gets me thinking: I have so many holiday traditions that I cherish. There are a lot of things I look forward to, and a lot of actions I hold dear. So completely aside from things I would be preparing to buy for myself and others this season, I have plenty to do, and to celebrate. I’m gonna be fine.

Later: Flip side, just realized ’tis also the season for engagement ring and happy couple holiday commercials too. Yay. 
PS: Isn’t that bunny CUTE?! It’s autumn in New England!!

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