Lead us not into temptation… TJmaxx…

Only a few more days until I can technically “shop” again, and I only just now realized that much of the ease of this challenge has sprung simply from not putting myself in direct line of temptation.

I think I’ve entered a delightfully general store only once. Other than just now. When I popped into TJMaxx for pet supplies and ONE CANDLE for my apartment. After stopping at the pharmacy to replace the chap stick and moisturizer that had officially been 100% consumed and therefore deemed worthy of buying.  

Dammit, man. TJMaxx is like the mothership for those who just need cathartic shopping. A long day and some cold rain and a cranky text and BAM — I’m looking at sweaters and glass pumpkins and hand towels with snowflakes and owls on them that would be a perfect Christmas gift for someone in my life… Which will, sadly, be impossible because of what’s happening two challenges from now!!! Argh!!

So here I sit in my car, with cold rain pounding the roof, somewhat satiated by my practical bottle of moisturizer and tube of Chapstick, and the knowledge that Mitra will have treats and poop bags, and that my room will smell like white oak and vanilla,  and that the world will spin on. 


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