I Failed At My Next Challenge Before It Even Began…

No Shopping Day 86

I’m already pondering my next period of abstinence. After a rather easy 90 days of no superfluous shopping, I figure it’s time for a heavy hitter. So as of November 1st, I’m off of sugar for 30 days. That’s no alcohol, refined sugars, grains, and sweeteners for the month that kicks us into the holiday season.

That is, I was. Until I got an offer I couldn’t refuse. For November 3rd.


I was going to save this challenge for later in the year — January, maybe — when many people instinctively simplify and clean out their bodies post holiday gluttony. But since part of this project is specifically about struggling out of habits and ritual, I figure November will be a much harder month in which to bring this aspect into my social and work calendars.

First, there’s the booze. Not only do I get a lot of it for free at work events, but it’s good booze. Like, cocktails I actually want to drink and really good wine. Then there’s the health aspect of it: those who don’t live with crushing illness and, therefore, anxiety about how to keep a body that wants to freak out when around a lot of people at a work function from said freaking out will appreciate the glory that is two innocent little glasses of wine. I’m dating more than one person right now, and sometimes typical x-date nerves are soothed with a drink or two as well. Unless something goes wrong, I could conceivably still be in smoochy zone for the next few weeks. So going booze-free is gonna be a challenge for my fledgling romances.

Then there’s food in general. I’m not worried about going off of sweets, really: I’ve gone off of such things for health reasons for far longer swaths of time in the past, and while I know there will be a rough patch when my body will scream for a piece of chocolate or some honey in my tea, I’m a big girl and will tell it to chill out and get over itself, and we’ll all move on. But the social aspect of my work has me expected at food events where it is not possible to say “I cannot have any products that have or break down into sugar”.

I’m going to set up specific parameters with a doctor before launching this period, because there are general things I’ll want to clarify and things specific to my body and its history that I’ll want to observe, too. All of this pondering was about to get all spiffed up and ready to roll out on Tuesday…

And then I got an invitation. A work invitation, to another dinner, with a potential new client, in a cozy setting, that I actually want to go to.

Without thinking, I said yes.


I had already presented my gluten and dairy issues, and they were accepted. But there was no way that this no sugar / booze thing and this intimate dinner could collide.

I failed.

Okay, I didn’t fail. I’ll just start on Friday and push the whole program back a few days, and have 72 glorious more hours to drink wine and eat brownies. But it’s already giving a girl pause about just how hard this period will be…

I’ll save the outlining and whinging about what I’ll miss for the official November 4th post.

But cheers to the next week, Jacqueline. Enjoy the hell outta it.


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