Lighting – and Lightening – Up My Love Life

True Love Challenge: Day 3

Okay, I didn’t hate today’s challenge.

The mantra is about magnetically drawing what you want to you, and I went on about that enough yesterday. And the exercise I could

And the exercise I could sort of get behind, in my own way, as it was about bringing more light into your life. The literal assignment is too symbolic for me — replace a bulb in your bedroom with a brighter watt as a sort of bat symbol for a lover? But I did lift the blinds next to my desk, and marvel at the beautiful sunlight as it plays on the bright green leaves on the tree outside my window, and daydream about the mystery person I’ll date next who will have some of the things I just listed that I admire and seek in the men I take seriously.

And it was a pleasant task, listing those things out. They’re really nice traits in other human beings, I’ve appreciated them in the men I’ve dated before, and I look forward to discovering them in the next man I’ll date, too.

So, yeah, that didn’t suck, today.


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