True Love Challenge: Day 1

I am being a very good student.

I was resistant from the beginning: You want me to hand write each exercise? Um, no.

But then I realized that if this experiment completely fails at the end, I won’t be able to judge it fairly, at all. If I don’t at least try with an open mind and heart, I might as well not even put in the time. So here I am, day one, opening a notebook and clicking on the email, trying. Albeit with resistance. But nothing but my own curiosity and myyearofabstinence experimentation is even asking this of me. And so here I am.

Day One:

It seems that each day will offer a mantra, a “successful practice”, a “tip of the day” and an “enthusiasm” from the woman who wrote the course.

I don’t know exactly how I’m going to journal this up here yet, considering that I’m writing this stuff down by hand and don’t wanna give away the course stuff up online, since that would be unkind to the woman who wrote it and the others on it and stuff. I’m figuring this out as I go.

But the mantra, today, had to be written in a specific color (red), and spoken aloud at least once fewer than nine times. Honestly, as a writer there’s a word in there’s a word in the phrase that doesn’t quite make sense to me. I’ve said it three times aloud right now, but the third time was more from “Whaaaa?” as I write this post. Let me try again with more confidence…

I honestly don’t know if I believe in the mantra. It’s a little Charlotte York for me. If ya know what I mean.

The “Successful Practice” isn’t quite up my alley, either. It requests that you list you the X of your perfect partner. But I don’t really have an X or a “perfect partner”. It seems sorta superficial to me.

The “tip of the day” is about cleansing and energy, which is a bit more up my alley. But it involves laundry. It’s Saturday. There are four machines for my entire building. So that’s not gonna happen today.

The “enthusiasm” is well intentioned. But, honestly, Day One feels a little surface for me.

Conclusion. Not knocking the whole thing yet. I believe in this woman. In her good intentions to help people. So far, I’ll let her keep my $10 just for putting positivity and love and light out there. But have I learned anything about myself or what I want to draw into my love life? No.


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