I Just Bought “Find True Love in 27 Days”. Ha!

A few things on this:

  1. I spent $10 on this. If I’m not 100% satisfied, I can get my money back. Evidently. It was “pay what you can afford.” Hence the $10.
  2. I don’t really want to find love in 27 days. I’m more interested in finding other things. But this whole Year is supposed to be about adding and abstaining and seeing what happens, right? So here I am.
  3. I’ve never done one of these kinds of self-help type things. I think they’re shit, honestly. But I’ve never done one. So this is me not being an ass, and trying something new, so that the next time someone asks me if I’ve tried a program on attracting love in 28 days I can say, “No, but I have tried a program on attracting love in 27 days. And it was shit.” If, indeed, it is shit. Then I’ll be able to say I’ve been in a theatre cult, played a part in a pyramid scheme, and tried a bad self-help program. Cause I’m livin’ the 21st-century dream.
  4. Finally, this is purely for journalistic, Love Bites Radio purposes only. You may think I’m making that up. I’m not. Listen to the show, and you’ll then trust me on this. Ben and I don’t pussyfoot around trying stuff for the sake of content. And since my dating life has been sacrificed for the sake of my health, lately, I need content.

I’ll be posting daily. Wish me luck.



    • Hi Trina! Sadly it wasn’t for me, as I outlined in a few subsequent posts. I cancelled and got my money returned on Day 5. But I feel like everyone who’s curious should try for themselves, as I’m just one woman and we all have different desires, systems, and experiences with such things! And money-back guarantees allow for that easily!

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