I’m Not Texting This Weekend

A few months ago, I got pitched to write about the No Text Weekend, where people around the world pledge to not text (!) from 7pm Friday to 7pm Sunday this weekend.

If ever there was the pitch for me, I tell ya!

I immediately wrote about it for Bust, then approached the ladies running it, Allison Goldberg and Jen Jamula, about collaborating for Love Bites. They kicked ass with Ben last week when I was in the Acores (listen to it here, it’s one of my favorite episodes ever), and we planned an event where I’d host a panel discussion on texting and new relationships that would play live on Heritage as part of the Weekend’s events.

And now the weekend is here…

As noted in previous journal posts, a few hiccups have occurred in my world as of late, most pronouncedly in the health department. As I have only half my brain capacity and an extremely sensitive body right now, we debated having Ben host the event, but decided to cancel (it would be happening right now, sadly), both because of my inability to attend and because of some production issues I couldn’t fix while gone. Our panelists are blessedly available to come onto the show this and next week (tune in!), and I’m now ensconced back in my apartment, staring at bags and cases that need to be put away, trying to figure out how to adapt my body into a neighborhood teeming with more bodies than live on the entire island I was on just a week ago.

But anyway, back to the texting thing.

Last night, I debated whether or not I’d even participate in the No Text Weekend. Unlike the social media addiction documented thoroughly here, I don’t think I have a particular problem with texting. I see its negative place in my world – especially with dating – but I find my strongest relationships aren’t primarily communicated via text. And, more than anything, texting keeps me connected to people in a simple, straightforward way when I don’t have the energy for much more.

But then, would my not going through with it be a form of denial? What would be so bad about trying? And there’s always something to learn about our habits, right?

So as of 7pm last night, I stopped texting. I downloaded a Verizon messaging app that can autoreply a message, added one specifying what I’m doing with a link to the NTW, and that was that. Upon waking, it had done what it promised to a text from Ben… which prompted the first, “Um, texting is convenient.”

Because Ben just needed a code from me. Just a simple string of letters he’d plug into a website. Which meant my “I just slept 11 hours and need about 30 more” groggy self had to call him instead of blearily type. Which I did. And it was obv. not the end of the world.

Moving on.

The app evidently doesn’t reply to iMessages, so as of now my sister has no idea why I’m not texting her back. And my one caveat to the NTW is that I can text Muffin, with whom texting is the only way our sick asses get to communicate the depths of our pained souls in our many days of heart-wrenching separateness. She gets a hall pass from every “not doing this for x days” thing I attempt. So I just wrote her another novel, via text, because I was sick and crying and needed her.

Other than that, the not texting thing meant that I got to call Soldier Boy (the LB radio name for the dude I dated who was going to come to the panel today because we’re friends now!) to catch up on my trip and the panel cancellation and stuff. And then a few family members I would have called anyway.

Other than that, yawn. I guess when you don’t go out much, and there’s therefore not much in-the-moment coordination to do, texting isn’t as vital a form of communication? I wonder how Ali and Jen are doing themselves this weekend, given that they’re coordinating a whole lotta something right now.

Anyone else take the pledge? How’s it going?

22 hours down, 26 to go.

I got this shit.


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