I Bought Stuff. Gulp. 

In my last post, I mentioned buying a new pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers, both deemed responsible and necessary purchases for my upcoming three weeks in the Azores islands of Portugal, where my family is from. I realized I could forgo the jeans for now, since the weather will be warm enough for summer clothes. The new Toms are en route. But once I got to Connecticut I realized I’d forgotten one vital item at home.

A bra. Perhaps one of the most vital pieces of a wardrobe for any woman to have. I have a strapless with me, but the super comfortable one that sees me through most of my days is safely at home in my closet. Wanting to spend as little as possible, I went to TJ Maxx and found one that will do for only $15.

But then my eyes gazed upon a tiny little portable pack that could be made into an ice pack or heating bag… for only $5.

And then I found a pair of really dark sunglasses for $10…

I was in a vulnerable moment. I’m not feeling well, I’d just been driven back to Connecticut from New York because I can’t drive more than a few miles right now, and I have a lot of work and doctors appointments before we leave Saturday. I’m nervous about how my body will hold up, given that I’m still at a really precipitous place.

And while it is still technically cheating (not the bra, huh, ladies?), here’s how I justify it:

  • I was contemplating how to get a heating pack and ice pad to Portugal with me; if I could forego another electronic and a heavy, beaded ice bag. For five dollars I have a light-weight item that can go in my carry on bag and be filled with ice or hot water even on the plane! Worth it.
  • I only have one pair of sunglasses right now, and they’re cat-eyed and lightly-framed and cute and very New York (get that photo up top, now?). But I have light-sensitivity issues (basically I’m a deer in headlights when too much light hits my eyes), and the sun is gloriously brighter where I’m going. And I have a family wedding while I’m there, and the first pair or not adequate for a formal dress.

There. Justified. For $35 I fixed a few problems, and felt an iota more comfortable with this trip.

But I cheated, yes. But here I’m am, fessing up. So there, Jacqueline.


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