Books Are My Weakest Weakness

No Shopping Day Five… 

Granted, this book would technically be for Love Bites research, and I don’t jump to wanting more books about dating and relationships. But with its Sara Eckel stamp of approval, I want to by Labor of Love by Moira Weigel… and I can’t. Onto Goodreads it goes…

(At least I have for pictures of pretty books to download…)


One comment

  1. […] Book are my “weakest weakness.” The inability to buy them for myself made me get off my ass, renew my library card, figure out all the tech stuff, and actually use the library for both print and digital books. The library is my (old is new again) favorite place. Because of it, I was able to download books while I was ripping through them in Portugal. (Actually, Isabel Allende’s Ripper was one of them – fantastic. Read it.) As a New Yorker with a tiny apartment, I pass on 95% of the books I buy after reading them anyway. Most get donated to my library when I’m done with them!! This revelation is sticking with me, kids. […]

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