Challenge #2 – NO SHOPPING

No Social Day Forty Two. No Shopping Day Two.

Yesterday was the first day of “no shopping for 90 days”. I hadn’t set parameters yet, but when thinking about what non-essential items would be on the list, I hadn’t thought about BOOKS! And so the first test came too early, when a friend who’s in town met me for lunch before Love Bites and then suggested a stop at the Strand before trekking to Brooklyn.

The Strand! Be still my beating heart!

Not even halfway into the walk over to Broadway and I realized that books are a big part of my accidental / incidental spending. It’s far too easy to buy a full-priced digital book on iBooks or, more often in my case, to buy used print books on Amazon Prime. I have a shelf of lovelies waiting to be read and, granted, all books on my shelves do get read. But do I always need to have ten or so in the queue? No.

So instead I added about a dozen titles to my Goodreads list to return to on a later, bookless day.

So now that I’m in it to win it for the next 88 days, here are the parameters. No buying:

  • Books. Le sigh.
  • Non-essential toiletries: Yes, I can buy toothpaste and shampoo. No, I cannot buy body wash (have lovely bars of soap awaiting me) or more bubble bath (I take old-lady baths for my old-lady bones, but I have plenty in stock). When I buy shampoo, I need only buy one at a time, and use it.
  • Makeup. Other than replenishing something like foundation. And when I buy that foundation, no buying a new lipgloss or eyeliner or anything. For someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, I love buying it.
  • Clothes.
  • Shoes.
  • Home items.
  • Office supplies – I’m stocked up with stationary, business cards, new iPad and laptop cases, headphones.
  • Superfluous food. Staples are fine. Things I know in my guy I probably won’t cook before they go bad are not. No fancy olive oils until the bottles I have are done.
  • Non-essential coffees. If I’m exhausted and really need the pick-me-up, yes. If I have time to kill and could use a jolt, no.

What am I missing?


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