Missing Things…

Missed two significant things from not being on Facebook: a friend is in town from California, and a bunch of college friends are all getting together with her, and another friend has Lyme and so other friends tagged me on Facebook to possibly give her some advice. I, of course, knew none of this.

I would have loved to have seen the California friend, but by the time I knew of her plans things were not changeable on my end. And because another friend told me on the phone about the friend with Lyme, eventually I emailed her letting her know I’m here for her. I hope her email address is the same.

(Note, weeks later and I haven’t heard back. Hope she’s okay.)

I can’t tell if I’m bothered by this or not. As far as the second friend goes, I told the friend who’d called me that I don’t give unsolicited vice about Lyme since I know from a patient perspective how unwelcome that can be, and because as an “expert” I often spend time to give advice that’s not reciprocated adequately with even a response.

As far as Cali friend goes, I would have hoped that I could have seen her, but it’s an example of how people go to Facebook first when planning things. Would I be able to keep up with things I legitimately want to go to like this if I weren’t on Facebook?


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