Abstinence… Sorta… and Addition

I have to quickly confess that it’s been a 98% break,and the 2% is rational and unavoidable. I had to look on the Love Bites Radio Facebook page today to check if I had scheduled a post for that day (so that I didn’t double post) – I had, and so checking was a good thing – but I didn’t log in or look at engagement or anything.

Then a chef showed me his Instagram feed to articulate something in our article.

Sometimes, I need to look up a Twitter handle when Google doesn’t lead me to an obvious connect for someone I’m tagging or writing about.

And I maaaaaay have scheduled a few tweets about Portugal winning the Eurocup (!!!), which is not work related at all and so, therefore, goes against the rules I set for myself.

But otherwise, nada, and I intend to keep it that way. I don’t feel like this was “cheating”, other than the Portugal stuff maybe, as glances have been work related and I didn’t sign into any accounts. It would be nearly impossible in this day and age, and with the kind of work that I do and clients I write for, to be absent so completely.

If I were to continue this for a total of 90 days and then do other things for 30 or 90 days each, for a year of studying “abstinence”, what could I do?

  • No alcohol
  • Journaling or meditating for X amount of time a day
  • X days of sun salutations
  • No takeout or eating in a restaurant
  • No buying coffee (like in a cup)
  • No reading / phone / listening to podcasts on the subway (no distractions from just look at / engaging with people)
  • No shopping for non-essential items



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