Encouragement From a Friend

Work is hard without social media to check up on. An editor asked the reaction I’m getting to a piece, and I couldn’t tell her, since I’m posting it via Hootsuite but not tracking engagement. I don’t remember some pieces I’ve put on Facebook… or if I haven’t.

But otherwise, it’s still awesome. This is an email I wrote to [a colleague] this morning when he checked in with me about it:

SM abstinence has been great. I’ve often thought of it as an aid to the fact that I spend so much time alone, and much of that time feeling ill, and so it gives me an outside connection to a world I can’t always engage in. But, instead, it’s made me have to be more present with my thoughts and physical feelings, and much peace has come from that. There’s definitely a greater feeling of isolation, but since I’m more engaged with what I’m doing/writing/reading/seeing/feeling, it feels more real and fulfilling. And the fewer conversations I have with real people – on the phone, with my family, running into neighbors while walking the dog – have more presence, too. It’s funny how, even on the simplest level, everything in my life the last four years has related in some part to my health (or lack of it), whether expressed or not, and I didn’t expect this period to have such a profound impact on the happiness surrounding my health. I really am, quite simply, happier.

He responded:

I think you’d be the perfect person to write a manifesto on SM breaks (if  there is a place for an “unplugged” food book, it must have your name on it.)  A fine writer who spends much of her time online advocating turning the off switch sometimes – how disruptive!  I am sure everyone would benefit from following your example.

Which has me pondering how long I could carry this on… 120 days? Three times my originally suggested length?


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