2 Bars – 2 Men

In Newport with mom and my sister. I burnt myself out from the drive on Tuesday, and did too much in my exuberance yesterday, so today I decided to lay low. First, I dropped sister off somewhere and had an hour to kill while waiting for her, so I went into White Horse – the oldest bar in the United States, evidently – with a book. But the bartender was so enthusiastic about local history that I ended up listening to him for an hour as he chatted up the room. Fascinating stuff about Free Masons and stones and stars.

Then we picked up mom and I dropped the two of them at a museum and went to Fast Net to watch the France-Germany Eurocup game. I got there late, took an open seat at the bar, and a (cute) guy started chatting me up. We ended up talking the entire game, exchanged info (he’d totally be my type but a) he lives in Rhode Island and b) I’m probably at least 5+ years older than him, which was embarrassing to realize), and we’ve chatted football since then. And he’s been to the Azores and Barcelona, where I’m going in a few weeks, so it was fun to talk travel and where I should hit up while there, too.

With no phone to cling to, I talked to people. Imagine!


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