Calm After a Storm

Day Ten:

It’s been 10 days and I’m feeling so at peace. Yes, there have been times when I’ve yearned to connect, and last night I was so lonely that my heart physically hurt in my chest. But I was also able to recognize that the loneliness was also partly a side effect of being tired and not able to sleep, and of having drunk too much wine earlier in the day, and of wanting to be in love, still.

But today I got a lot of work done, writing things I care about. I finished a book that meant a lot to me, reading for hours in my armchair; one that I needed space and silence to finish. I walked Mitra in the cool aftermath of a stormy day. I’m loving the disconnect from social media. Things feel more present – for better and for worse, I’m connecting with myself for real, and those important to me.


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